Monday, November 10, 2008

Two weeks with two Moms; now its time to decompress

So my Mom, the one with Alzheimers, the one who gets around new strange men and goes into sexual innuendo mode. She is here most of the time now. The last 2 weeks Rod's Mom came as well. Believe it or not it is easier with both of them. Serving my Mother-in-law gives my Mother something to do. My Mother-in-law is constantly entertained by my Mother, especially the sexual innuendos.

It took me all day, but with the help from Pam-my I got both of them on 2 different planes this evening. Mom is going to Utah to play in her old band for the Christmas season, Beth is going back to her daughters home where she lives. My Mother-in-law asked 12 times on the way to the airport; "where is my plane ticket" at 79 years old trying to imagine ticketless travel is unfathomable. My Mom asked 12 times; "where am I going?" Oh and once she asked; "how am I related to you?" She also asked mother-in-law if she wanted one of her yellow happy pils, she said : "Its as good as smoking a joint!" If all this wasn't crazy enough, some insurance guy calls me while I'm in the car with all this craziness and asks me my height and weight! I said it like I was saying a phone number so noone would know what I was saying. So lets say for example, or actually in my dreams; I'm 5'8" and weigh 125. So I said "581-25mumblemumble" See it sounded kindof like a phone number.

After Rod's mothers annual visit; he buys me something to show his appreciation for me caring for his mother. (Its actually a funnier story then that, ask me sometime) here is what I chose this time.

So now I will retire my 30 year old bosch that I bought 15 years ago at a garage sale in Fredricksburg for $15. I'm a little attached though, it may just go in the garage.

And the best news is I will spend the rest of the week decompressing, I'm really not this snobby, even though this will sound snobby: I am getting a massage tomorrow. Wednesday I'm going to Houston to hang out with Elyse and shop, shop, shop. They have Sam Moon in Houston now. And sometime in there Sandy has promised to paint my toenails burnt orange with longhorn signs on them. That must be done before Saturday so I have them ready to match my shirt. Hook em Horns!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

World celebrates win and a house divided

That's the Dial house is divided. 5 members of our immediate family are old enough to vote. We didn't all vote for the same candidate for president. No hard feelings though. We had some good discussions. And when our younger kids voted in their school election, they didn't all vote for the same guy either.

I'm surprised today; many black people have commented that they finally feel like anything really is possible for African Americans. One comment from a black man; "My Mom told me I could be anything I wanted to be when I grew up - except president" Really? I thought we were past that? I know there are crazy racist groups, but I thought as a society we had finally reached a point where we are color blind. I guess now finally we really are.

My Grandpa was a racist in his early days, I don't think he knew better. When I was in 8th grade I brought home a boy I liked. This boy helped our family clean out the garage, probably why he didn't stay long. My parents acted a little strange when he was there. (Sadly now I can't remember his name) I do remember he held my hand on the bus once. It wasn't until he left that I learned why my Dad had acted strange, he never thought one of his daughters would bring home a black boy. It never occured to me that the color of his skin should be an issue.

Everytime one of my kids dates someone of color I think: "Oooh they'd have beautiful babies"

And so while I understand the immense pride the African American community must feel today. As a color blind white person it saddens me how many needed this election to validate their worth and potential.

I read this book 'Three Cups of Tea' it changed my view on a few things; specifically how we respond to the world and the war on terror. The headline; 'World celebrates win.' gives me hope. Maybe Barack can help our image in the world and build better relations while still protecting us from crazy terrorists. He sure has a cute family, and his wife seems real. I look forward to seeing what she wears all the time, and what kind of puppy they get the girls. Important issues that will shape our nation.

Barack, Please don't let politics make you nasty, please don't cheat on your wife that's all I ask.