Thursday, November 10, 2011

Catching up.....with Technology

Before Rod died I loved to hit the trail; nearly every day. Either a 2 mile run or a 4 mile walk depending on the day or the friends. With my crazy friends I'd do the 4 mile run! I trained for my first little triathlon on that trail.

BTW in this picture Rodney isn't checking his texts but rather getting his phone ready to take a picture of me as I crossed the finish line. He could've done this race in triple time but he stayed with me through it all. Still get choked up thinking about what my wonderful son did with me that day.

After Rod died I substituted the trail for powdered sugar donuts and coke. I know, I know bad, bad habits. Couldn't seem to help it. I physically couldn't get myself to the trail...or to exercise at all for that matter! So fascinating how different grief is for everyone. Another widow friend couldn't sit still and lost as much weight as I gained. ( She looks fabulous and I'm trying to follow her example now )

Did I avoid the trail because it's part of Brushy Creek? I don't know, maybe, probably. Did I avoid it because sometimes Rod would go there with me? Maybe, probably. Whatever reason I pretty much avoided moving at all, something I used to really enjoy.

Well I'm getting back to the trail and back to moving. And with the lapse in time their have been some cool new apps I've discovered! I <3 Radio for one! Specifically the spin cycle station. Wow! And I can listen to local morning stations, atleast some of them.

Nike gps, Double Wow! I'd been asking for a gps watch when I was actively running. Nope! Don't need one anymore. Nike gps was free and even has Lance Armstrong telling me 'good job!' even though I only did 2.22 miles at a snails pace. Lance was proud of me!

Rod almost knew Lance....well he did all his driveways so he knew his whole crew and staff. So it's almost like Rod saying he was proud of me. Not really. In fact a little too far reaching even for a crazy widow.

I know this is probably all old news to many of you. To say I've been a little out of it lately, well an understatement. So I'm pretty excited about this 'new to me' technology. Heard something very wise recently:
'The definition of discipline is remembering what you want!'
That's right! I just remembered I want to be healthy! I don't want to be a giant powdered sugar donut.

Anyways...14 months and sometimes I see glimpses of the Jennifer I used to know and love. I know with time she'll come back more and more.