Saturday, July 19, 2008

Three blind mice

HotRod's mantra when something is broke:
The mice ate it.Steering doesn't work in the boat, the mice ate the cable Wakeboarding Rope broke, mice chewed through it. Rear light on the boat out, guess what he told the lake police?....The mice ate it! Instead of peeing my pants,I just about jumped in the water to relieve myself. Too bad he hates cats so much, it would solve the problem - or does he want it solved? Maybe thats why he doesn't want a cat, then he'd have no excuse, who would he blame? Hmmm...
On the way home my one question: Why do we have this nice boat with so many things wrong with it? Why not just get them fixed?
Answer: Don't start.
Lessons learned in marriage: Learn when to be quiet. Ok I won't start

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