Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Letter 2008

Oh the annual Christmas letter; time to write about all the good stuff without exposing any dirty laundry.

We finished construction on our house and made the move in March. It has been so fun.

We know we are now Country folk based on the following statements that have all been said this year

“Honey, whose goat is that on our back porch?”

“You know those chickens roosting in the attic? The dry wallers have drywalled them in.”

Neighbor calls: “Can you look out in your pasture for my horses?”

Me; “Why are those so many dogs howling at the same time every night?” Rod; “Those my dear are coyotes” (In that case ignorance could’ve been bliss)

Joseph (11) and

Luke (8); “Mom we found a rattlesnake at the creek, but don’t worry its dead!”

And my personal favorite; “There’s a scorpion in my shower!”

Rodney (22), Elyse(21) and I went to New York in February so that Rodney could experience NYC without being a missionary, Elyse could shop and be the trivia dancer on Regis and Kelly, and I could see Wicked. Trip was a success, all was accomplished.
Elyse and her new BFF Kelly Ripa:

Elyse doing the 'trivia' dance - shake it girl!

Rod, Rodney and Kyria(18) had the opportunity to go to Hawaii this summer. Rodney and Kyria had 2 weeks on the north shore checking out BYU Hawaii. Those left behind were really jealous.

We had the chance to take 2 trips to work at orphanages in Mexico; Over Spring Break we built a wheelchair ramp. In August we went with three other families and helped build a recreation building. We had the kids leave all their electronic devices in the United States. Which in and of itself was life changing. Both trips were a great experience for us and we hope to return annually. (Rod has the hook up, so if you’re ever interested you can certainly come along)

Not sure why these picturess are so little

This year marked the year when we have $$$ 3 kids in college $$$. All in Utah, two at BYU and one at UVU. (BYU Hawaii was not able to lure any of our children) We are the Utah economic stimulus package!

This year Rodney and Kyria live in the same dump, I mean Apartment complex. They are having a blast together. They are not happy I didn't have something better to say about them. Since the gag order is in effect for the really juicy stuff, what more can I say?

Elyse spent the summer selling pest control and spent fall semester in Texas.

Nikka (15) started her sophomore year at a new high school. No more riding on older siblings’ coattails. She has a great attitude, made new friends, and plays on the JV basketball team. With only 3 left at home she is the oldest around the house now. We love to watch the kids evolve as the dynamics in the family change.

Joseph and Luke discovered La Crosse and air soft guns this year. Who ever invented La Crosse had way too much testosterone. I’m hoping it’s a fad and they go back to tamer things like football or basketball.

Rod killed a wild hog for our food storage this year! Laying pavers pays the bills, he also is partnering in a new high tech venture. I am a Realtor in between being the Mom and teaching Seminary. We had some fun short trips, we miss the corporate days when our vacations were paid for. (Rod reminds me we can go to presidents club every year, we just need to plan and pay for it) My Mother moved in with us this year, she seems to enjoy Texas. When she gets restless she flies out to visit one of her other kids.

With so much gloom in the news lately, we are ever grateful for our faith in our Savior Jesus Christ. May the peace that comes from His life, and Atoning sacrifice envelop us all as we celebrate His birth.

Thanks for being part of our lives and reading our sappy Christmas letter. The Dial Family

Here's some pics of the new house, still a work in progress but we it is fun!

Our cool red barn in the background; Rod has his office out there

We put a washer and dryer in the master bath. Brilliant! I have a friend who told me she had two seperate toilets; I might trade the washer dryer for that.


TraLowe said...

Loved, loved, loved it. You guys are awesome!

Kel, Am, Cart, Tay, El, Cam, and the dog Bud said...

You really do have an amazing family!

Julia Deaver said...

Jennifer, I had no idea you had a blog! Thank you so much for Christmas letter you sent!! That was a very wonderful surprise! I love the blog. I will have to send you an invite to mine, but with how busy you are I am surprised you have time to do anything else! Thanks again!
Julia Deaver

Kristen Joy said...

Fun letter, fun pictures of the house. I love that red barn.

Daisy said...

Julie and I got your Xmas letter, and she asked me to tell you that you are the best Xmas letter writer ever! You had humor, information & spirituality. Lotsa kudos Sis!

AKNothum said...

You may not remember me...I'm a Herman....but I wanted to say that your home is AMAZING! And I love reading about your fam!