Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kids and Cell Phones

Joseph is turning 12, tooooo young for a cell phone. Why then every day do I hope that some kid will loan him a cell phone so I can figure out if he has art or not, if he is riding the bus or not, if he needs to stay after or not. Without a means to communicate I sit at the designated pick up place wondering.... In fact I've loaded solitaire on my phone just for this waiting game. Without a means to communicate he sits in front of the school wondering if I've remembered that he didn't catch the bus because he was doing a project after school.

I've learned to answer his friends cell phones. Usually I'm only diligent about out of area code unknown calls. Those are potential clients moving here and wanting me to help them find a house. But between 3:45 and 5:15 I know to answer any random call that comes in.

Not sure what I did without a cell phone when I was 12. Oh wait I remember, I was a latchkey kid there were no parents at home wondering how I got home or when I got home or with whom. I just somehow got home and they were glad to see me when they got home.

Usually we say when they begin to play school sports and have before or after school practice we get them a cell phone. Thats a year away for Josey.

Where would he carry a cell phone? He still wears basketball shorts everyday. Fashion means nothing to him just yet, though I see the change coming.

PS I'm dieting, doing good, but I'm dieting. I'm hungry and I hate skinny people.


Joe, Ashlyn, Mia, Michael Beau, Jag, Mary Jane and the 2 lizards said...

LOL I hate skinny people too !! What diet are you on ? MIa has already asked for a cell phone and our answer was no before she ended her sentence . "All the girls in my class have one !!" Was her next statement. I didnt beklieve this so I calle dher teacher and sure enough Half of her first grade class has them !?!? Who gives a seven year old a cellphone ?? People these days

emd said...

who are the dials and what have they done with my parents?

Daisy said...

Kids and cell phones sounds so strange, but I do know a lot of mothers that want their kids to have them...I can see both sides.

I used to have one for "emergencies only", but gradually the definition of an emergency has dramatically changed.

Back in our day, we walked home from school...but back then it was a lot safer to do so.

You're a good Mom, and I hate skinny people too.

Love you, Daisy