Wednesday, January 27, 2010

15 Minutes Of Fame

Today was set to be a busy day. I have company in from out of town. Early release at school ,I was picking up Luke and four of his friends to come home for the afternoon. (My sis referred to it as the United Nations play date, every ethnicity was represented). My day for Dinner-Coop; where I make dinner for 4 families. And yesterday I was asked to do the refreshments for Pine wood Derby tonight.

In between all that I needed to get some work (both housework and Real Estate work) done and be ready to attend Pinewood Derby.

So with my five 9 year old boys running loose, dinner in the oven and on the stove and on the counter and up to my ears. By the way I made a delicious dinner; cooked a brisket last night and then drained and shredded it this morning, mixed with Rudys sauce and put back in the crockpot for a yummy barbecue beef sloppy joe. Then I did a doctored up yummy mac and cheese with green pepper, onion, pimentos, cream of mushroom and lots of cheese. Finish that up with an apple salad that had milky ways and peanutes. YUM!

Theres a knock on the door, I answer; "Hi I'm Mr. Reporter from KVUE news, I'd like to interview you about the proposed development behind your house"

Side note: The property behind our house sits on Brushy Creek and also fronts to 1431there have been plans to develop a Resort waterpark. We knew this before we built. At first it scared me. Then when on vacation a couple summers ago I stopped at every waterpark and would sit about the same distance that my house would sit from the water park. I decided it was not as bad as it sounded. In fact the sound seemed to dissipate and I found waterparks that had upscale home developments even closer then my house would be. And they were nice.

In addition; we built berms to landscape on to block any eye sores and we positioned our home in such a way that you really have to go out back and side yard to see it. So really I wasn't a good interviewee for Mr. Reporter because I'm not an irate resident.

Anyways , I asked Mr. Reporter for a second to take off my slippers and pull my hair out of a ponytail. They miked me up and put wires down my shirt. Yes for a second I felt like Kelly Ripa, part of my dream to live her life was being fulfilled. Maybe if I was really perky , witty and cute someone would be watching and think; "That lady needs a talk show in New York, we will move her family to Manhattan and pay her $20,000 per episode" Thus Rods dream of me either writing a Twilight type book or landing a Kelly Ripa gig would come to fruition and he could enjoy his life with a Sugar Mama.

As we walked out behind the barn I explained to the reporter I was really not a good person because I wasn't that against it. Its better then a Walmart or a strip mall with smelly ethnic food dumpsters in my backyard.

So I'm out there trying to answer questions and put on my best knowledgeable Realtor/homeowner face. He kept trying to get me to say something negative, he was trying to steer the conversation. OOOh that made me mad, not good journalism. I know I live in a quiet wonderful neighborhood that feels like the country. But I'm also 5 minutes from schools, HEB and Target. Its the best of both worlds. Country yet close in, so there will be some sacrifices. Like development. If I want solitude instead of convenience then I need to move further out.

While I'm being interviewed, my United Nations play group is running around like banshees (not sure what banshees are) screaming, Rods employee is washing the car, my dog is rolling in poop. And best of all, remember I said I had company? Well a certain relative that I haven't seen in 10 years and is in some sort of chronic pain and thus on some pretty heavy drugs and thus seems pretty sloshed starts walking over. This could be worse then having my Mom with Alzheimers walk up to my interview in her underwear!

So I do what any good TV star would do I say; "STOP the camera!" I quickly say; "See that person walking up here? Well I haven't seen them in 10 years they are only here for 2 days and they are in alot of pain so they are on some funny drugs, basically wasted. DO NOT put them on camera no matter what!"

I was beginning to get the feeling that Me and My crazy life might BECOME the story. The camera man and reporter kept looking at eachother like; "What parts of this shall we capture"
"Ok you can turn the camera back on now" I said.

They finished up the interview, not getting the dirt they were hoping for. I did mention we would probably be selling our home, to build an even better one next door and when I told him the price the reporter thought it was a steal of a price. Hmm... I get that alot, maybe I should re think my pricing.

When I came back into finish my gourmet dinner and pinewood derby treats, my dreams went to how the reporter would actually mention my beautiful home that would be for sale. That would air at 6:00 PM, by 6:20 I'd have 3 offers for more then the asking price and we'd be heading to the bank.

On my way to the kitchen I stopped in the potty to wash my hands before returning to food prep and noticed that while I remembered to take out my messy ponytail, the 2 bobby pins that were keeping my bangs out of the food were sticking up on my head. Lovely.

Then I made myself crazy thinking they would pull a soundbite out that made it sound like I was really against it and then how would that look? Then I wondered if they secretly taped my crazy life and really at 6:20 the men in the white suits with the white van would come to take me away once and for all.

Or maybe best of all , I would end up on the editing room floor (isn't that how they say it in tv land?)

No such luck, I made the 6:00 news, in fact the lead story. Im not sure what I said though because my dvr came on half way through the segment.

Let me tell you, fame is not what its cracked up to be.

And as soon as this pinewood derby is over, I'm ready for bed!!!


Elyse said...

i am cracking up. Mostly because as soon as you mentioned that 'certain relative' my thoughts went to the news stories that this family could conjure.

The still sane Robin Thomas said...

At least you didnt' have a berger hanging out your nose- or did you?
Check out my blog Miss you guys.

The Rowles said...

You are too funny!!! I am glad to hear your take on the whole water park thing because I am on the fence. I have been watching the footage of your barn and thinking about you guys. I'm going to go find you on the internet right now :)