Wednesday, January 27, 2010


And so I thought my day was done but no. I made a treat for pack meeting that had peanut butter in it. And thats a NO NO since one of our cutest boys has an allergy.

Some of the Moms were freaking out on me. Luckily the boys Mom was very nice and forgiving. I felt horrible. Evidently the email said no peanuts but I didn't read far enough down.

Silver lining: they won't ask me to do treats again.

PS: Rod said I looked HOT on TV, how sweet is that?


The Brandon's said...

Even better- I watched you on the Internet! You did look hot, no bobby pins in sight!
BTW, Elisabeth has gone anaphylatic on us 3 times now. It happens- and I would never hold anyone else responsible. Thank heavens for benadryl! You're awesome - and that cute kid had a great night! Won't tomorrow seem boring to you now?

Daisy said...

Since you are hot, I would assume you would look hot on TV...I can say that since you're my sister.

Anywho....could someone email me the link so I could watch the internet story?

I would really appreciate it.