Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Good Deals are my natural caffeine

Why do good deals get me high? I felt so sick today. I had a crappy work day and I mean crappy. Crappier for my clients though and that is what makes it worse. Is crappy a bad word? Is Luke going to read this and think Mommy needs her mouth washed out with soap. Rod is my worst conscience, will he say its a bad word? Should I say cruddy instead?

Then I had the priviledge of a 3 hour middle school open house. 3 because Josey was so excited he led me to believe it started an hour earlier then it did.

This is a trick my kids have passed down to each other; tell Mom and Dad earlier so that they actually get there on time. Accept now I'm better so I end up showing up an HOUR early.

I come home late, dead, ready to sleep for 17 hours. But wait; my dear hot rod has gone to pick up my latest good deal - some furniture. And just like that I see it and start to do cheers in the kitchen to the astonishment/embarassment of my children since there were other people there as well. I'm no longer tired, in fact that was 2 hours ago and I'm still flying high.

I'm sure I will crash here pretty quick and tomorrow I will need another fix. Thank heavens for Target, if the fix doesn't happen - spending an hour at Target is the next best thing. Costco is the third best, Sams fourth, TJ Maxx or Marshalls tied for fifth, outlet mall, no let me clarify, the Coach store in outlet mall 6th........

PS: A little plug; today I also had a solartex skylight installed in my kitchen. Its small, 14 inches in diameter. And wala! I no longer needed to leave a light on in my kitchen, I had natural light! Money well spent.


Shelley said...

I want to know more about the furniature!!! Post some pictures and share the great deals lady!! :)

Love your blog. Great laughs.


c m kynaston said...

Hey there, i'm excited to have found your blog too! Thanks! So change of plans for us, we actually didn't build this house. And we're not in the country either. It's cheaper to buy than to build. And this house is one built by my bro-in-law who was going to build ours. It went into forclosure, and we got it a year and a half later - certainly NOT the plan, but hopefully we reach our goals of lots of land and the house someday...=)

So what furniture did you get? That's my drug of choice too. Share pictures! I miss the shopping in Austin. I'm in withdrawl so I'll live vicariously through you! haha. Tell everyone Hi from us all!