Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Wake up and think; "Maybe today could be back to bed Tuesday"
Eat breakfast
Meeting in barn to discuss renovations
Take Luke to register for school, read sign;
"School closed until 11:30 for off campus meeting"
Realize they also 'close' from 12:00-1:00 for lunch. I'll come back after 1:00
Take Josey to the middle school to register
12:00 PM Schlotsky's; buy boys some lunch and a cool new sandwich for me
Austin board of realtors to get my new phone updated with MLS, want my sandwich
Payless shoes for Luke, try to convince him they are as good as the cool lime green nikes he wants. Not working, really want my sandwich
Back to Lukes school to register, right after this I'll eat sandwich
Get a call: friend of a friend are going to rent a house and its full of dog urine can you help? Forgot about my sandwich
Enlist daughters to babysit
Go house hunting and find house for client #1!
Paperwork at office
5:00 Finally EAT 1/2 my sandwich because I'm really trying to be good.
Fold laundry and sort bills
Shop online With Luke for shoes, how the heck did this kid discover Nordstrom kids?!?
Explain that NO $45.00 is not a good price for lime green Nikes.
Drop Kyria to pick up car
Drive out to Steiner to look at an estate sale preview I'm privvy to.
Check out a driveway Rod did.
Continue to copy home videos to dvd, I'm so proud of myself
Meet with client #2 who are also house guests at the moment, (don't ask)
Good news is they have become great friends!
Put boys to bed.
Meet with client #3 to write a contract. Also a great friend.
Sidenote: This is what I love about my 'part time' job.
I get involved with these clients and fast become great friends.
Check my email.
Visit with girls, nag Kyria about her college list.
Kyria nags me about needing a new phone
Chat with husband.
Just for fun check my phone, guess how many phone calls today? 72
Shoot! Remember one of those 72 phone calls was a request to lead music.
I forgot to call her back. (Insert guilt here)
Realize it was such a crazy day I just may have to blog about it.
Now I'm listening to the sounds of 4 teenage girls in the kitchen cooking and giggling and talking Gilmore Girls style (88 mph).
Love those sounds.
And finally now 11:00 PM my dream of back to bed Tuesday has become a reality.
After I join in on the Gilmore Gabfest.
Just the ordinary day in the life of a Mom. And here's why mine wasn't even that bad.
I did not get up last night with a baby and I did not change a diaper.
Shout out to Moms everywhere who's days are like this most of the time.
Good night.

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emd said...

I will only take partial credit for introducing them to nordstrom