Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ode to Mo

Happy Birthday Elyse Mikel Dial, you are the bestest!
My first born was only 6 months old when I discovered I was pregnant with Elyse.
I suffered an accident while pregnant; broke my pelvis, fractured my femur, cracked a rib. Spent a month in a wheelchair. I was a wreck, Elyse was fine.
When she was born her 9lb 11 oz body broke my tailbone. I sat on a donut for months. She was healthy as can be.
Today; August 14th is her 21st birthday, I get emotional just writing that.
Where the heck did 21 years go? I remember her cute little speech problem. A friend suggested she try practicing her speech. She did and it always came out like this; “Wabbits Wun Wapidly” So cute! She is an amazing girl.
The first girl in a family of 6 kids meant she did a lot of babysitting.
Having a big brother meant she was tormented on a regular basis.
She remembers all too well the poor days and wonders if I’m spoiling her younger siblings. Probably, it’s called getting lazy.
Now she’s a bug girl. Yet I still have ants in my pantry! (See previous blog)
In spite of the ants; I’m very proud of her. She is strong, beautiful, disciplined, spiritual, cool, loving, sometimes a clepto. I could go on and on and on.
Now there is much I can learn from her. Sometimes she decides to not eat chocolate for a month, and she never cheats! I’d lose 20 pounds in a month if I did that.
Happy birthday Mo! I love you tons.

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