Sunday, August 17, 2008

I need that appendage back

Moms know; everytime a child is born its like growing an appendage. Somehow you are linked, they may cut the umbilical cord but somehow you are still linked to this life like an additional appendage. This by the way is a good thing.

Every scraped knee, cut off fingertip (yes I did this to my firstborn the first time I tried to trim his fingernails.) That was definitely MORE painful for me then him. I called Rod at work and was so hysterical he thought there would be a hospital and surgery involved. Anyways, we feel everything; burned hands from the stovetop even though you've said no-hot! 52 times, and splinter is felt as keenly by Mommy's as it is by their children. As well every proud; "Mommy I did it" is felt proudly by Moms as well.

As our babies grow up become children, then teenagers and finally adults there is one secret that all Mom's don't know. Maybe Moms don't share it with other Moms since it could be too painful to bear. Well... allow me to share.

Moving out; there I let the secret out. I never knew how sad it would be to one by one let my children grow up and go off to college until it actually happened to me. I actually accusingly would go up to 'older' women at church and say; "Why didn't you tell me" They just smile knowingly and shrug their shoulders. I guess no one likes to talk about it. It sucks! Your appendage has been put on a plane and ripped away with no anesthetic!

There is a good side to this story; the reunions, the coming home. And this weekend the stars aligned and we were all together. Now this may sound sappy but I don't care; I'm a happy person, life is good. But my true deep joy comes when all 8 of us are together in the same place. Its chaotic and loud and messy but its Joy, true great joy.

Today my girls were commenting that all my girlfriends were much younger then me. (Thats because I'm cool and young at heart, right?) So listen up my young girlfriends. ENJOY, enjoy every poopy diaper, temper tantrum, sleepless night, sore ....., you know from nursing, because all too soon it will be gone. And I know everyone says that but believe me this time, its true.

Which is why I'm a better Mom to the 3 still at home, I know to enjoy more and stress about the messiness of life less. If only I'd really listened to those Moms who told me that with the first 3 kids.

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