Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Jewish man, the Mexican, and the American

Now that we are down to 3 kids we can do random things like decide to go to a nice sit down dinner at the last minute. Friday night it was just 2, the little boys. And this is a slightly dated picture but I love them in their little hispanic shirts which reminded me of something else. But the something else later, I digress.

Anyways, we went to check out this new restaurant that had been recommended; Traxx. As soon as we sat down Josey did what he normally does, checks out the kids menu for steak. He loves to order steak. Its his favorite. He was so excited, they had steak and he was ready to order. The waitress came over and he volunteered to go first since he knew what he wanted; "I'll have the rabbi steak medium"
Waitress: "Excuse me?"
Josey: "I'll have the rabbi steak, medium"
HotRod; "Let me see that Josey"...."Do you mean ribeye?"
Josey: "Yeah isn't that what I said?"

Then we remembered when someone once ordered the bootie pasta. Mmm yummy. They meant bowtie.

When the waitress left Rod asked Joseph if he knew what a rabbi was, he didn't so we explained. A rabbi is similar to a bishop in our church. The man in charge of the congregation. A good man, someone we should respect. He then realized what was so funny.

He didn't like his 'rabbi' steak too much, he said; "This rabbi is a fatty"

Now mexican shirts; tonight we attended a dear friends parents 50th wedding celebration. They are hispanic, or are they mexican? I don't know and I don't know which is politically correct. Anyways these are some of our best friends and they always include us in their fiestas. So much so that Nikka who is turning 15 on Monday wants a quinsenera (sp?)

Once Elyse said while dating a hispanic boy; "I'd really like to marry into that culture, they have great get togethers"

That culture really is family oriented, they should be an example to us all.

Another observation; every fiesta has the same menu. And thats not a bad thing! Its expected and its always delicious. Beans, rice, some sort of meat and tortillas. No cheese or sour cream, thats American stuff. How would it be if everytime I entertained I was expected to make the same thing? Not vary my menu at all? That's awesome!

So happy anniversary Grandma and Grandpa Hernandez, thanks for including us gringos.


Rachael said...

I LOVE the fat rabbi!!!

Kel, Am, Cart, Tay, El, Cam, and the dog Bud said...

Oh how we miss your family. Every few days the kids ask when we're going to move back to the Dial hotel! We're glad to see everything is going well. We really need to get together to catch up! Love ya!